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The Under2 Ambition Tracker collects information from Under2 Coalition members about their long-term emissions reduction targets and future plans to net zero.

The information provided in the Tracker acts as supporting evidence for Under2 Coalition members who have signed the 2021 Under2 Coalition Memorandum of Understanding.
 It is an initiative led by Climate Group as Secretariat to the Under2 Coalition.

We expect it could take around 1 hour in total to complete all the sections, which consist mainly of multiple choice questions and short-answer questions. 

We encourage you to upload supporting public documentation where possible to reduce manual data entry and to support the verification of the data submitted.

If you wish to make any changes to your responses after submission, e.g. due to updated targets or plans, please contact us at under2ambitiontracker@theclimategroup.org

and we will be happy to help.
We encourage members to continue to disclose data to CDP on an annual basis to provide the Under2 Coalition with additional data to assess and track the progress of our membership and to inform CDP partners' reports.

For guidance on submitting to the Under2 Ambition Tracker and definitions of terminology used, please find the support documentation here or email us at under2ambitiontracker@theclimategroup.org and we will be happy to support you.

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You will be requested to provide an email address and password. Please note that you will be asked to enter and reconfirm your password each time you save.

If you require another colleague to input into your government's submission, you will need to share the email address and password with them to login and access.

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Please see the guidance document for more information.

  • Analysis and interpretation of data entered into the Under2 Ambition Tracker survey will be led by Climate Group to support Under2 Coalition members and to track progress of the Under2 Coalition.
  • We may look to combine the reported data with other sources for the purposes of validating the data, updating our databases and informing our knowledge of our members, meaning that some aspects of data may be amended if we find other, more up-to-date sources of information.
  • The analysis will be shared with Under2 members through an offline benchmarking tool.
  • We also share the technical data with trusted partner organisations such as the UNFCCC and the Race to Zero campaign, as well as key research organisations such as NewClimate Institute and Data-Driven EnviroLab to enhance the collaborative effort to track progress of states and regions.
  • Climate Group may utilise the reported data in any other way to enhance the programs and projects of the Under2 Coalition.
By proceeding with this survey, you agree to these uses of the data you enter.

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1. Administrative details

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2. Regional economy-wide net zero emissions target

This section contains questions about your jurisdiction's regional economy-wide net zero emissions target. Please proceed to question 2.1 below if your jurisdiction has set a regional economy-wide net zero emissions target.

If your jurisdiction has NOT set a regional economy-wide net zero emissions target, please proceed to Page 4 - Mitigation Pathways. 

Regional net zero target status

Please note that all attached documentation cannot exceed a total size limit of 35 MB.

Please enter page numbers if you are attaching a PDF or Word Document.

Regional net zero target coverage


You may specify a range e.g. 15-20%.


You may specify a range e.g. 15-20%


Target review


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3. Mitigation pathways
This section contains questions about your jurisdiction's mitigation pathway to achieve your jurisdiction's long-term regional economy-wide emissions reduction goals (including but not limited to region-wide net zero emissions targets). Please proceed to question 3.1 below if your jurisdiction has developed a mitigation pathway. 
Mitigation pathway

Please note that all attached documentation cannot exceed a total size limit of 35 MB.

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4. Technical or policy/knowledge support and peer learning
This section provides the opportunity for you to indicate which topics your jurisdiction may be interested in receiving technical support from Climate Group in. This could be through capacity-building, knowledge sharing activities, or other support.

The insights shared in this section will help us to better tailor our work towards member needs and priorities and help identify potential interest for participation in future projects.
Support and peer learning

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5. Climate action showcase
This section is optional.

Please use this section to add details of any innovative climate action(s) that your jurisdiction is currently implementing or has recently implemented that your government would like to showcase and that you have not had the opportunity to share details of in your submission yet.

You may wish to upload documentation (e.g. a published case study), share a link (URL) to a webpage or article, or briefly describe the action(s) in the text box below.

You can add more than one action description, file or link (URL) by clicking 'Add another action description', 'Add another file' and 'Add another link', respectively.

If you wish to provide your latest CDP disclosure you can share the link (URL) to your response found on the CDP open data portal. This data will be used to complement and update our database of your jurisdiction’s climate action.
Climate action showcase

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6. Survey feedback and confirmation


Consent to use Personal Data
Personal data collected by us in connection with this survey will be used to contact you with queries about the survey and with respect to communications regarding the Under2 Ambition Tracker in accordance with our privacy policy.

Important note: before proceeding, we recommend to SAVE your progress now in case of any errors at the point of submission.